Build Epic Sh*t!

Epic sh*t’s never created in a vacuum. Dreams become realities and magick happens  when we collaborate, pull our creative resources together, tap into intuition and connection, hold each other accountable, and deliver on our commitments to ourselves and others.

We’re not designed to do it all alone and I am excited to create extraordinary things with you!

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Crystal Ball


Work Together


Join me once a month for a fun, interactive workshop where we’ll work on our business, not in our business. Topics span operations, marketing, financials, and so much more.


You don’t have to go it alone! Harness the power of like-minded professionals to innovate, increase confidence, create lucrative strategic plans, and maybe make some new friends along the way.


Whatever stage you’re at, whatever you hope to accomplish, I will help you gain clarity, create exciting strategies, and execute to level up your business and your joy. Let’s do this!!

Left Hand


Have Some Fun

Right Hand


Coming soon! Feverent feminist, Raven O’Neal will share the virtual stage with people who want to better support women, tear down patriarchal structures, and reimagine a fairer future.


Join up to 13 like-minded women for an inclusive gathering to harness the potent energy of the moon. Moon circles meet twice a month on the New and Full Moon. We can’t wait to meet you.


Finally putting my funny freak out there. Hopefully I will take the stage soon. Right now, I am joining open mic nights and testing my funny bones on social media–follow me there for a laugh.

Raven ONeal Shadow


a.k.a. @thatsavvygal

I am pumped that you’re here! 👊

I wear many hats, literally and figuratively. My superpowers? I laugh A LOT. Oh, and problem solving. In your journey, I can help you build with creative and strategic solutions. From product market fit to branding + marketing to financials and operations, there isn’t much I can’t navigate.

Why me, you ask? Well, honestly I’ve been there, failed multiple times, savored sweet success, put in the work to figure out my superpowers, and so much more.

A little HERstory: Started a marketing career in the 90’s and launched my first business in 2012. In my career I’ve empowered more than 500 female-led startups and helped facilitate more than $101M in funding.

All the tools and knowledge I’ve gained over the span of my career and entrepreneurial life are now available to help you build your own extraordinary future.


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Liftoff Clearing Left

Cleared for Liftoff!

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BOOM! We’ve been cleared for takeoff, so let’s buckle up, shoot for the stars, and make sh*t happen!



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    Raven ONeal